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I'm a rabid reader, dog obsessor and an amateur fangirl. I have an emotional attachment to my ereader. When I'm not reading, which is rarely, I'm either catching up with my favourite tv shows or sleeping. I'm way too fond of the words "awesome" & "fuck." Chris Evans touching his left boob is my super villain origin story. ~My Harem of Men~ Adam Hauptman (Mercy Thompson series) St. Vincent, Sebastian (Devil in Winter) Nick Allegrezza (Truly Madly Yours) Frederick Wentworth (Persuasion) Calvin Morrisey (Bet Me) Cam Rohan (Mine Till Midnight) Harry Rutledge (Tempt Me at Twilight) Curran (Kate Daniels series) St. Aubyn, Saint (London's Perfect Scoundrel) ~Favourite Ladies~ Mercy Thompson (Mercy Thompson series) Kate Daniels (Kate Daniels series) Jane Eyre (Jane Eyre) Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games series) Evangeline Jenner (Devil in Winter) Jane Jameson (Jane Jameson series) Charley Davidson (Charley Davidson series) Hermione Granger (Harry Potter series) ~Soft Spots~ Marriage of convenience, wallflowers, virgin heroines, plus sized heroines, scarred heroes, pregnancy and babies in plot, possessive cavemen, the “You're mine” mantra... ~Pet Peeves~ Cougars, widows or heroines previously married, love triangles (tolerated but not preferred), ménages, TSTL heroines, love at first sight and then marriage after a week of knowing eachother...